How do I cancel my storage subscription?


If your needs for storage cancellation, please contact your Rakhibo Storage Team. If you have not yet met your minimum storage commitment, early termination fees may apply. We can schedule [...]

How do I cancel my storage subscription?2021-11-04T20:46:22+00:00

How much does Rakhibo Storage cost?


Rakhibo Storage provides a full-service storage experience at self-storage rates. Your rates for storage, pickups, and returns depend on how much and how long you store your belonging.

How much does Rakhibo Storage cost?2021-11-04T20:44:41+00:00

What can I store?


Just about anything! Unfortunately, there are some items we cannot accept for storage. A good rule of thumb is whether an item would be flagged by airport security. Chances are, [...]

What can I store?2021-11-04T20:42:36+00:00

Where is Rakhibo Storage available?


Currently, we are operational in Dhaka Metropolitan, and Premium Service is available in the Whole Country.

Where is Rakhibo Storage available?2021-11-04T20:41:13+00:00

How does Rakhibo Storage work?


Rakhibo Storage works with the best local professional moving companies to help pack and move your items into secure, commercial warehouses monitored 24/7. These professional movers are experienced and background-checked [...]

How does Rakhibo Storage work?2021-11-04T20:36:33+00:00

What is Rakhibo Storage?


Rakhibo Storage offer short or long term storage solution for your goods. We store anything legal. Storage with us- securely and accurately.

What is Rakhibo Storage?2021-11-04T20:30:08+00:00

How do I get my goods back?


You just call us or email us the date and the time of delivery. We will deliver your valuables at your doorstep. If you want you can come to pick [...]

How do I get my goods back?2021-05-27T21:38:52+00:00

Are there any items that I am not able to store?


You cannot store Liquids, explosives, flammable liquids, toxic materials and perishables. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding a specific item.

Are there any items that I am not able to store?2021-05-27T21:37:12+00:00